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Dead End Path Lyrics in English

“Dead End Path”
Featuring Ryan Teel
Trying to escape how I feel
Trying to find my mask of sanity
Losing touch of what I know
Surrounded by fire, my world’s ablaze

21 years ago her only son was born
Born dead from day one
Lead a life still on the run

No motivation and a lack of patience has me eating dirt
What a way to go out of life questioning what is this worth?

I watch my life slip through my hands
As she calls my name
The fucking world turned it’s back on me
The devil’s son I remain

I can’t breathe, there’s no use in saving me
All the lies that I’ve told are eating away
I’m burning, I’m breaking
There’s nothing left for me
I’ll walk the path of the vagabond
With no place to feel safe
Nothing is my own, no place to call home


You can’t play god, cause I’m the reaper
I walk alone on this dead end path to an early fucking grave

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