H00DBYAIR Lyrics – Playboi Carti

H00DBYAIR Lyrics in English

Uh, you gotta get high like this
You gotta get high like me
You gotta get high like this
You gotta get high like me

You gotta get high like this
You gotta get high like me
You gotta get high like this
You gotta get high like me

I’m f*ckin’ these b1tches, alright
I’m havin’ my way, alright, uh
My fingers, they muhf*ckin’ tight
My eyes are open, I’m high

I can’t believe I can die
I just realized I was high
I was seventeen on the mic’
But I’m tryna be Carti, not Mike
I’m a gigolo, ho, I bite
My whole career, they bite me

Some n!ggas, they thinkin’ they faster than me
Somebody should tell them they dyin’
I’m done with these n!ggas and dissin’
I just be pissin’, I don’t give a f*ck

I’m knowin’ when you move, boy
B!tch, I’m tryna tell, your ho gon’ f*ck
All you ever do is copy, all you ever do is mock
Why you talkin’ about me?

If you really got a problem, we can handle that problem, yeah, body to body
Buffy the body, my b!tch got body, Buffy the body
My b!tch got body, yeah, my b!tch got body, yeah, my b!tch got body
Screech like a hyaena when I get a body

Travel the world, huh, huh, schyeah, hol’ up
On tour with your girl
And it’s not my world, it’s Mollyworld
And she’s not my girl, she’s Mali’s girl
You play with my top, get a referral
Put ’em in smoke, you get refeered

Put ’em in a coffin, put ’em in a coffin
Put ’em in a, uh, put ’em in a, uh, put ’em in a coffin
I jump out the Lamb’ truck, she thought that I lost it
I jump off my red eye, push out, then I go to Boston

I stay with like ten thots, Austin
Everything is awesome, F-A, f*ckin’ awesome
Make sure you tell them n!ggas, “Watch me”
They don’t know how I cross some

Double 0, yeah, the biggest ever
We just gettin’ ready for the crossover
Tell the driver he need to pull over
Let this b!tch come top, then over
Nosebleed, yeah, high speed
Huh, I can get the rollover

You been actin’ funny and you fake poppin’
Yeah, just like hot soda
Y’all n!ggas don’t know how to grow up
I been a OG since I was younger

All of my friends are dead, leave ’em in the cold
Put ’em in the tundra
I go Ray Charles, I cannot see her
I make her fumble

I was just in Texas with Aaliyah
Her pu$$y a jungle
They wanted this album to be offset
But I told them, “I’m comin’ normal”
When you play this sh!t, wear a white tux’
Young n!gga, like you in a formal, ha
It’s hot, b!tch, it’s scorchin’
On the porch, New Yorkin’
She still tryna find young Jordan

I was twenty-four when I had lil’ Onyx
(Then I had a daughter, I had a daughter too)
Twenty-seven when I had Yves

Now I can finally sleep
I let the sun
I let the sun save these h0es
I let the moon
I let the moon save these h0es

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