Land Of The Lost Lyrics – Suburban scum

Land Of The Lost Lyrics in English

Trying to find the purpose in life
Soul searching for an answer
Land of the lost led my greedy hands
I stand stagnant

I’m caught staring from the outside looking in
Wondering if there’s a place for me
Well for me, there isn’t, so I live in sin

A clear view seems miles away
I’m still playing catch up
To a world that forgot me..
I’m just a number and a fuck up

This all leads me to believe that I am here for nothing.
Took too much time to figure it out, all I want is to be something.

I have swam
Through the deepest depths of my mind
Living in fear
Fear of what awaits for me
Fear that the end is near

The noose is pulled tighter
Tighter around my neck

I’m fading out

I keep digging deeper
All I know is evil

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